Guerson Louis attends Pella Christian School in Pignon, Haiti.

Each month 233 families write a check, send it off to what feels like another world, praying it helps a child they know only through a school picture.

MH4H missionaries find this process instantly changes when they are able to experience the joy their sponsorship has helped to create through school or church programs when they arrive in Haiti. Further, for a select few, sponsors have been able to meet, greet and hug their sponsor child.

As the MH4H sponsorship program continues to thrive and more groups are traveling to Haiti, these connections are now occurring frequently.

Morgan De Ruiter was told it would be a short walk to the house where her family’s sponsor child lived. After walking uphill for over a mile, De Ruiter, her dad, Darryl, and brother, Jake, discovered a small house belonging their sponsor child, Guerson Louis and his family of seven siblings and two parents.

“It was incredible to see the house.” They found the family to be thankful and joyful, despite finding only one room had mats and a bed, the other room a table and pile of wood.

“They just kept saying, ‘Messi! Messi!’” Said De Ruiter, who was also able to meet her volleyball coach’s sponsor child who she was able to take pictures and report back about. “I’ve been thinking about them ever since. We were able to see that God is really everywhere.”

The De Ruiter family traveled to Haiti for Pella Christian Winterim in January, 2013.

 Jody Melcher

On her second trip to Gonaives, Jody Melcher was hoping to meet the child she and her husband, Joe, began sponsoring months ago. She was not only able to meet, but develop a friendship with her sponsor child, Myenta Estime.

On the first day of volunteering at school, a smiling girl greeted Melcher. Myenta sat on her lap the rest of the afternoon. Everyday for the rest of Melcher’s trip, the two would find each other to share hugs.

Melcher also helped serve warm meals to the students, an integral part of the sponsorship program. She experienced another connection when a meal had been packaged through Outreach International back in Iowa.

Melcher and Joe chose to sponsor through MH4H because they knew Silentor from their Nevada church. They had sponsored children in the past through other programs, but consider this one, “pretty special” because of all the connections.


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