T.S. Eliot said that the home is where one starts from. It’s the place a child learns his value and how others perceive him. Home is where the child’s own view of the world begins to be molded. It’s the place which first defines his understanding of love, family, and safety. Continue to read as Christi Gabhart shares individual stories of families who have been blessed by the MH4H Safe Homes Program.

Can you imagine not having a safe place to sleep? Many in Haiti face this reality because of living In a home like this. Health problems are evident when a family lives in these conditions.

Many Hands for Haiti is about life transformation in Christ. One of the ways God is using Many Hands is by transforming families through creating safety in homes. Mr. St Lik was living in this home with his granddaughter. A MH visiting team was introduced to them when delivering a gift of food to their house. God touched hearts that day and the needed funds were donated to MH Safe Homes program.
St Lik’s home (Before)
St Lik’s home (After)

(L to R)  MH Chaplain, Pastor Jean Ronel, MH Construction Coordinator, Jean Rene DeForge, and MH Chaplain, Pastor Lumanes.

After the screening process is completed by MH ‘new home build committee’, construction can begin. The Safe Homes program focuses on families whose homes are simply NOT SAFE to live in. A family who has been identified to received a new home through the generosity of an individual, a team, a church, or maybe a sponsor of a child in a MH program can be plagued by such tremendous hardship that they may have very few belongings. This was painting day so everything was moved out of the house.

The construction of a new home is always through a Haitian boss who hires a crew to complete the work. MH4H Construction Coordinator, Jean Rene DeForge, hires the boss, purchases the materials, and oversees the project.

List of Construction Supplies

Idanise is in MH First Thousand Days program. Her sponsor gave a gift of a new home with three rooms and a front porch where Idanise and her family can live and thrive and strive to face the daily challenges that exist when living in poverty.

The way a new, safe home impacts a family is multifaceted. It frees up time that might otherwise be spent keeping an old house from falling down. A family’s belongings can be damaged or ruined because of an old thatch roof that leaks along with stick and mud walls that can seemingly ‘wash away’ during a hard rain.

Babouzout was basically homeless, having spent some time living in a chicken coop. Because of this new safe home, daughter Elvie was able to move back from living in Cap Haitien and is now caring for her mother who has been in poor health for a long time

God moves givers in many ways as well. One example began years ago. A long-time friend and supporter of MH provided a home for a family in need as a memorial for his sister who had never owned a home of her own. This first act of generosity God brought about has blossomed into countless homes being funded by this dear brother, and he unceasingly shares his passion to encourage others to donate a home.

Others that have received this gift of a new home have been touched by MH in various ways. Maybe as a handicapped individual who has been given a mobility cart through MH. A house that burned to the ground one Sunday morning was replaced because of a donation through MH. A family may live close to MH campus in Sylvain or could live several miles away in a neighboring community.

The families continue to be touched by MH when a mission team serves together by helping the family paint their new home. The finishing touch is a scripture verse of the family’s choice being beautifully displayed right on the front of the house.

Overflowing gratitude is the consistent response that brings healing to a wounded soul. By providing access to safe homes, MH is helping to restore people’s physical and psychological health and bring Light into a dark world.

MH will never come to the end of the requests brought by people in desperate need. As God continues to inspire people to live generously, MH will continue to work in relationship with people, transforming together through the presence of Jesus Christ.


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