The entire morning was an ongoing testimony of HOPE. We arrived. Our team of five representing Many Hands at a mobility cart repair event in the community of Hinche, came on two motorcycles and one MH three-wheeler which was transporting two brand new mobility carts.

I was greeted by an old guy and a young gal, both on mobility carts, both have only one leg. They both exclaim, “I haven’t seen you for a long time!” Adding in a joyful jest, “You left us behind!” (Ou te lage nou!) The young gal’s name is Adeline. She is 29 years old and has three children ages 6, 4, and almost 2. She lost her leg in a motorcycle accident when she was seven years old.

Adeline says boldly, “We never get tired of praying for you,” (Nou pa janm bouke priye pou ou) “because you think about the handicapped.” I notice right away the condition of her cart, the tires are worn out as well as the rest of the cart. Adeline says without her cart she couldn’t do anything. The old man chimes in with the same thing.

Wait for God. Wait with Hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3

Our team gets right to work. MH driver, Yves, standing to the left of the MH three-wheeler and Pastor Jean Rubert standing to the right, both engage in conversation with mobility cart owners. The repairmen start making repairs.

The man, left, lost his leg in a construction accident. He calmly says, “Lavi se konsa a, mwen kouche avek Jezi, mwen leve avek Jezi.” Life is like this, Jesus is with me when I lie down, He is with me when I get up. I can’t worry about how I will eat. I know God will give me food. HIS testimony of Hope.

We soon learn that the man seated to the right in the picture above lost everything he owned, except his one crutch and his cart, when his house burned to the ground in March of this year. He tells how he has high blood pressure and is always so hot that he can’t wear a shirt. He shares that his wife has been sick for quite some time. All the while, telling his story, smiling and laughing, he chuckles, “God knows.” Another testimony of Hope.

Wait for God. Wait with Hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3

Above is the “AAA” towing service. The cart in front is broken down. The two carts following are pushing the lead cart along. They arrive and each cart gets attention. Incredible team work and an incredible testimony of perseverance.

Wait for God. Wait with Hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3

This mobility cart is a ‘mobile business’. The cart owner sells cold drinks from his cart. He works hard and his cart proves it. After the attention of the repairmen, he is literally BACK IN BUSINESS!
Seated is Pastor Jean Rubert, intently listening and encouraging throughout the whole morning. Other mobility cart owners we saw included a young man who is mute. Next, a very thin old man who doesn’t feel well because he has constant pain, “Mwen toujou gen doule, m’ pa santi alez, men map fe efo ka menm. But I keep trying anyway,” he said.

Another cart owner whose name is Innocent Noriz shared that he had received from MH a solar powered Creole audio bible a few months ago. One day he had put it in the sun to charge. When he came back to get it, it was gone. Someone had stolen it. He wonders if there is ever a time that he could receive another one. He said it has such good words inside. It is a distraction from his misery. This audio bible is a testimony of HOPE too.

Wait for God. Wait with Hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3

Prayers of thanksgiving and Hope are prayed over each cart owner before they depart. As the morning went along, the individuals kind of started lining up, watching, anticipating if it would be their turn next. Pastor Jean Rubert used these words several times as we prayed, that God would, “Awoze nou avek prezans Ou.” literally, Water us with your presence.

Below, the mobility cart owner in the striped polo shirt below talked and talked and talked. I think in the end his testimony of Hope encouraged Jean Rubert. Before departing, the two men exchanged phone numbers so they could continue to encourage each other.

Below…Ewand, standing, and Erilner, to the right, are the MH mobility cart repair technicians. They are assembling the two new carts that came to Hinche with us this morning. They are being given as a new replacement cart to the guy to the left here with a red cap and to Adeline. They have had their carts and have “driven them to the moon and back” and it is time to trade them in! Jean Philippe, front, is the MH Community Coordinator for the Hinche area. He is also a mobility cart owner.

The two new carts have been given. Jean Rubert and Jean Philippe gather together to pray a blessing over the two recipients. Below, Jean Rubert prays an additional prayer of healing over Adeline.

Wait for God. Wait with Hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3

AND here, our team prays a blessing on Jean Philippe for the dedicated help he provides and for his ongoing testimony of Hope.

Wait for God. Wait with Hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3


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