On Monday, the Haven CRC team visited the new Maliarette campus and had the opportunity to share the gospel with new friends.

Monday January 14

What a phenomenal day! We were able to do some more carpentry, painting, and installing shelves at the new Maliarette Campus which will be opening next week.

We had devotions with the MH4H staff in the morning and we introduced ourselves and were warmly welcomed. We thanked them for the wonderful ministry and services that they perform each and every day.

The highlight of our day was meeting with our “Three Amigos.” We were able to share the gospel with them and their families with the help of MH Chaplain, Jean Ronel, and MH Construction Coordinator, Jean Rene, as our interpreters. We all participated in sharing word pictures with them to describe God’s Kingdom on earth and the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. They professed their love for Jesus and dedicated/rededicated their lives in serving Him. They promised to raise their families following Jesus. We prayed with them as they prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. We cried and hugged our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Another reason we wanted to visit our “Three Amigos” was to distribute food and seeing their “homes.” They were very proud of their stick and mud homes with dirt floors. They were very neat and tidy, but not necessarily safe. We were so happy to help them with food but all walked away feeling we wish they had homes that were safer and not just made of sticks and mud.

The thorns of today were very minimal because of the joy of seeing their new commitment to Christ.

 Praise be to God!

Dave and Deb