With multiple education initiatives running throughout Pignon, Many Hands for Haiti is continually trying to lay foundations to provide a brighter future for hundreds of students in Haiti. Beverly Brand, our Education Lead, gives an update on our school programs and the progress of our students. 

Yellow Iron School of Light

Wow! The results are in and beyond our expectations! Juna, our four-year-old pre-school teacher, reports the students in her class are recognizing all the letters and are actually starting to read. This is unheard of at four-year-olds in Haiti! She is so excited at the progress of these students and attributes it to the wonderful environment of the school, all the incredible resources, and the program (formerly THRIVE) that got them ready!

We also want to give credit to Miss Juna, who is a fantastic teacher. Parents are also volunteering at the school (something else unheard of in Haiti), helping with set up, teeth brushing, breakfast, lunch and clean up. “It takes a village to raise a child” and these parents are pitching in.

Other highlights:

  • An enriched peanut butter, called “Vita Mamba,” is now being served at breakfast to help bolster the nutritional needs of these growing students!
  • In mid- February, teacher training was offered for all teachers and helpers in our programs, to help them understand how students learn and grow.
  • Congratulations to Miss Juna on her marriage over Christmas. We wish her much happiness in the future.

180 for Haiti Program Update


Since Many Hands for Haiti does not directly run the three schools in Savanette where your students are sponsored, we do three check-ups annually to make sure the students are enrolled, healthy, and meals are being provided. The first week in February, new school photos were taken of all of our sponsored children in Savanette and one of our mission teams also took new heights and weights for each child.

Pella Christian

Currently, there are close to 100 students sponsored by Many Hands for Haiti donors who attend the Pella Christian School in Bas Savanette. Each sponsored child receives tuition, books, and a school meal each day. Several of our mission teams have visited and spent time playing with and doing Bible stories for the children at this school. Recently a team of doctors and nurses from Primary Care Haiti, Inc. out of Florida, spent time at Pella Christian and did health checks for all the students, checking heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and noted any chronic problems the children were having. They also held a cervical cancer-screening event for women in the area at the school.

Please continue to pray:

  • That each child would know the Lord and follow Him.
  • That God would be generous to these children and families, meeting their daily and immediate needs.
  • That the community would have healthy, Christ-centered Churches and a generation rising up in Christian leadership.

Your prayers and support go a long way in the lives of those we serve and the work of this ministry. Thank you!