Micul Pierre is the school director for the two schools on our Sylvain campus: The School of Light Preschool and the Sylvain Christian Grade School. He is pictured above with his wife (left) and his mother (right).

Micul and his family have walked a long, difficult road with their father and husband, Carmilaire Pierre. He was dealing with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Carmilaire went through several periods of hospitalization, the longest was in March of this year in Hinche.

In November, Carmilarie was hospitalized with an urgent need for a blood transfusion. Due to continuing unrest and disparity in Haiti, blood is unavailable in times of need. A patient is responsible for finding willing donors, paying for testing to see if it’s a match, and paying for all other costs. Many Hands’ Benevolence Committee was able to walk with the Pierre family through this to try and find Carmilaire the needed blood.

On November 23rd, Carmilaire passed to eternity. This was a difficult loss for Micul and his family. In the midst of pain, they took joy in knowing their father and husband was no longer suffering.


The School of Light staff and students had a deep desire to walk with Micul during this time of mourning. On the day of the funeral, Many Hands closed the school and rented a bus to transport the staff and students to the ceremony.
It was a great show of support for their principal. After the funeral, there was a procession from the church to the cemetery. The school of light students led the way.
After the funeral, Micul wrote this note to our staff:

Sincerely, I have no words or expressions to thank you for the way you supported my family: in your prayers, in the help, you gave me to help me find blood for my father, in the effort to participate and send the students, teachers and other team members at the funeral, etc.

I had another job that could pay me more money. But I decided to stay at Many Hands to see how I can contribute to community transformation with you. You make me even more proud to work with you. I feel alive when I’m around you. I love you so much!

May God continue to bless you and continue to allow your presence on this earth, to continue to transform the lives of others!

In the midst of a dark, difficult time filled with sorrow for the Pierre family, light shone through with joy. Many Hands is honored to continue to walk alongside this family, and many families like them.