Jason and Elizabeth Reels share as the Lutheran Church of Hope team continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in Haiti.

We had a variety of experiences today. Christi led half of our group on a hike up a mountain early this morning.  The group was rewarded with a spectacular view of the valley. Christi, Jason, Drew, Cole, and Garret helped  with the Do Something Concrete project, putting in floors in two homes in Savanette.

Transportation Haitian style Mountain hiking group selfie Pouring a concrete floor in Savanette is hard work, especially in the hot sun

The rest of our group had the opportunity to interact with the kids and moms who attended Thrive for Five.  It was great to see how Paula, “the First Lady of Sylvain”, engages and inspires the moms.  We were encouraged by how healthy and happy the kids appeared.  Liz and Christi led part of the group on Do Something Concrete follow-up visits to five homes. 

Jean Boule Leadership committee with LCH and MH4H

Jean Boule Leadership committee with LCH and MH4H

Do Something Concrete follow up visit The kids with their new floor and handmade dolls as a gift

We were treated to some spectacular views as we drove through the beautiful countryside.  The leadership team members accompanied us and presented each family with a Bible.  The families were so appreciative.  A woman greeted me with a kiss and “I love you.” 

A Creole bible is a gift to the family with a concrete floor A Jean Boule family receiving a Creole Bible Creative Haitian landscaping Haitian landscaping made of plastic drink bottles The view is unreal

Before the evening devotion, Craig and Christi shared their story of how God prepared them for their calling in Haiti.  We were reminded to be intentional in our daily walk.  Bonswa.