Coming into my 2022 Pella Christian Winterim Internship I had two goals.  One was to learn more about video production, which is a career I’m interested in.  The other was to discover new tools to help me achieve my career goals.  I was able to go above and beyond that to meet new people and grow connections as well as gain a deeper understanding of how a non-profit organization functions.

During the first two days, I was able to learn more about the purpose and background work of Many Hands. What I found interesting, is the value of reflection and connection. Through trips that Many Hands leads, people are encouraged to push past their comfort zone to gain relationships with the environment and others around them. Then reflecting on their experiences to embrace the messages God has displayed to them.

I had the opportunity to watch several videos made by  Kellee Van Hemert, A/V Coordinator and my mentor for this internship, which showcased deeper understanding of the mission and visions of Many Hands. Setting up and recording a mock interview for future use was also included on the first day which for me was beneficial in acquainting myself with the equipment. 

Laura Nicholson and Emily Van Gent explained their roles as IMPACT Manager and Engagement Manager on the second day. I also saw how the staff were able to merge ideas into one unified goal during a strategic meeting. In addition, I learned about their hopes for Generously Growing Impact, Many Hands’ 5-year strategy. Something that was fascinating for me to hear was that the trips to Haiti are focused more on learning and adapting instead of the mindset, “I want to fix this.” In my mind, those trips had been more about trying to help Haitians instead of experiencing and being impacted by their culture. 

Stretching beyond the office, I was able to travel to the Clive, Grimes, and Merle Hay thrift store locations for interviews with Magen Andrasko, the Executive Assistant and Marketing Specialist, and Kellee. They let me join them as they recorded the annual report interviews. I worked mostly in setting up stands and lights to ensure the video would look the best it could be. This helped me gain familiarity with the equipment and awareness of how interviews are conducted. The following day, Kellee and I worked with the videos we recorded from each location. From prior knowledge and Kellee’s coaching, I was able to do some editing and organizing of the recordings. 

Through this experience, I have learned more about Many Hands and their work, the ways each person links to each other and then grow deeper connections with them, and explored my interest in video production. Thank you Many Hands for leading me and letting me dive deeper into the background work!

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  1. Pam Osborn

    A HUGE thank you to everyone at Many Hands for shepherding Leah during this Winterim / Internship. It was such a positive experience for her and we are so grateful for this opportunity. Thanks again!


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