Today there are many things uncertain in Haiti as well as in other places of the world. Communication through news media, social media, internet sources can be helpful but also can shed a negative light which in turn can breed fear as a side effect. In times of unrest, seeking God in prayer and looking for ‘normal’ can calm those fears. We would like to share some of the ‘normal’ we have found in the past twenty-four hours.

Meet Djak. Djak is as normal as normal gets in the rural parts of Haiti. This ‘beast of burden’ is a new part of the Many Hands for Haiti (MH) work team. He will perform his duties at the MH goat project land located near the main campus of MH in Sylvain, Haiti. Djak’s job is to carry the food from one part of the goatland to another to help with feeding the goats.

Also, meet TenTen (below L) and Ernest (R). They are 2 of the ‘goat guard guys’ in charge of keeping a total of fifty six goats fed and safe from predators and the elements of sun and rain. Kalo, between TenTen and Ernest, is MH head of security.  Djak is also part of the security team as he keeps outsider dogs away that could pose a threat to the well being of the goats.

The goat guard tower has revealed itself as a beautiful prayer tower as we seek God’s wisdom and a sense of HIS peace. With the spectacular view, God’s presence is SO real. The wind, two and a half stories up, demonstrates the unmatched power of God in ANY circumstance.

The late afternoon shadow of the guard tower out one side and the unbeatable view of Mt Pignon in another direction makes for a sweet space to lay any concern at the feet of our Almighty God. Look closely. Djak thinks he has a view from the tower as he is watched by TenTen and Ernest.

The guys have brought Mango tree branches as food for the goats.  The goats continue to dine without a care in the world as TenTen, Ernest, and Djak keep watch. Finding normal!

Cashew trees are also normal in this area. In Kreyol, “bwa nwa” with it “pom nwa”… a cashew tree with the cashew fruit. The “pom nwa” below are ripening with the increasing heat of the days to come. See the cashew nut at the bottom of the fruit.  One nut for each “pom”

Another normal comes as the days are getting warmer, bananas are growing and ground is being prepared for MH “Alpha Garden” project.

MH School of Light preschoolers are learning and studying today.

The Prayer path, designed to be used by MH staff and visitors on MH Campus, has several prayer stations. Today the stations are being outfitted with some beautiful shade through a normal roofing technic of using Djare as thatch.  Experts in their field, Boss Louis and Boss Villa do the work together with ease.

Beautiful smiles are also NORMAL among Haitian people. Babouzout and her daughter Elvie stand in front of their newly constructed house which was a gift from a generous donor of MH. Their previous home…a chicken coop.

Here, a perrenial smile from Dieusel Daniel inspite of his normal of always being in need of basic life neccesities.
It seems those with a ‘connection to the outside world’ are the ones worrying about the speculative shortages. The reality here…the short supply of resources available to a family in the countryside….is NORMAL.

As we pass through the area the normal tasks of carrying water from the well, sweeping the dirt road in front of your house with a handmade broom, a farmer walking to and from his garden with macheti in hand, men gathered along the roadside in the late afternoon playing dominoes, and friends just sitting and chatting, reflect the peaceful attitude of the countryside.

And the greeting of a hug and a big smile from Anaika near her house as we came to visit. Normal!

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