The PET team arrives in Pignon, Haiti and get their first taste of the journey God has prepared for them. Written by Carol Verhey and Karen Vander Beek.
After 2 long days of travel, we arrived safely. The MFI trip was very interesting but we felt safe in God’s hands. We saw God’s fingerprints in so many ways today. Landing on a grass field after a rain, riding in the back of a truck viewing Pignon and the surrounding area was surreal to say the least. For some of us it was a very new experience and others it was like coming home again.
We are so privileged to stay in the brand new dorm on the Sylvain campus, a place that was started last September and in 5 short months, it is a home for staff and volunteers. God has really blessed this whole campus. There is a lovely Thrive for Five facility that also has a kitchen, a gazebo where staff meets every morning for prayer. The plantain fields that were planted last summer are thriving, and an agronomist building is in progress.

PET team arrives as Hope begins their trek home
They arrived on campus safe and sound

They arrived on campus safe and sound

The best part of today was meeting the Haitian people. They are so welcoming and loving and excited to meet us and learn our names. They love our hugs and we love theirs. 
Tonight we have been planning out our week. Distributing PETS is one of the top priorities, but we plan to help with Thrive for Five, do home visits with Heidi, help with laying some cement floors in homes under the leadership of Liz and wait and watch to see what God has planned for us. 
Thanks to all our loved ones at home for their prayers. We are together seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus.