The Bethel Mennonite team made it safely to Haiti today! Craig and Chrisite, Fransly, Woodson, Roodson, Kenzie, and Woody greeted us at the airport. It was so good to meet up with the people in this country that we have come to love! We made the leisure walk around the airport runway and headed to the dorm to get settled in.

In the haul of the MFI plane, on the way to Haiti!
We landed at the grass airstrip in Pignon!

We landed at the grass airstrip in Pignon!

As we rounded the bend of the airport corner we were greeted by voodoo drums and other articles intentionally placed to entice curious hands and minds.  The team got a quick lesson regarding voodoo superstitions and curses. We are in Haiti!

Evidence of voodoo wasn’t hard to find.

We toured town to familiarize ourselves with our new home for the week, stopping at the house of O Denes to pray for him. His foot is still swollen and quite painful. I think the hardest thing for O’Denes is not being able to work in the garden.

We stopped at the hospital to pray and give Baby formula to a 15 month who is very malnourished and weighed only 15lbs.

We were blessed to join in on a prayer service for Phinnette. The ladies of her church had come to prayer for her in her home. Her health continues to fail as well as her strength.

The team then headed out to the new land in Sylvan to find the banana tree sprouting . Whenever the gate to the land is open, the children come running to interact with the blancs. The children are so beautiful , always wearing the most delightful smiles! The mango trees are in season and the children are seen enjoying the fresh fruit picked off the trees.

The mango are in season and the kids love to eat them.

The children love Craig and follow him around. He has become a familiar face to them. He taught them the song, “Zippidy Do Da” and when we drove on the land the children came running and singing this song!

Craig with the kids under the Mango Tree in Sylvain.

As we settled in today we are anxious to see all that God has planned for us. We feel so blessed to be here in Haiti and to see what tomorrow brings!~