Back in 2017, Many Hands introduced Roseman, a widowed mother, and her anemic 1-year-old daughter, Baby Love. Roseman faced many challenges. Though she had the support of friends and family members, there were few resources to go around. Baby Love was underweight and malnourished. She was unable to fight off frequent fevers with her weakened immune system, let alone the pneumonia that attacked her little body. On top of it all, poor diet worsened the anemia and stomach hernias. Life was not easy or kind to little Baby Love and her mother Roseman.

“Baby Love was underweight and malnourished.”

Like many others in our community, this little family took a chance on a better life by enrolling in Premye Mil Jou, which translates to “First 1,000 Days” and is a part of the Love in Action program. In September 2017, Baby Love started preschool at the School of Light after she aged out of the First 1,000 Days program. Roseman was attending spiritual development classes and classes taught by local nurses covering topics like proper nutrition, hygiene, and how to identify and treat common illnesses.

“Baby Love is a smart girl, one of the top in her class…she is a very sweet girl, and very friendly.”

Roseman had learned that Love in Action meant support for her daughter and herself through education, food, and medical care. It also means a community of people in similar situations standing together to help each other grow as parents and individuals.

Today, Baby Love graduated from 2nd grade and is expected to join her class in 3rd grade once school is able to start. Denise Dent, Director of Education, said “Baby Love is a smart girl, one of the top in her class…she is a very sweet girl, and very friendly.” Many Hands is thrilled to see the continued progress of Roseman and Baby Love. We are excited to see their continued growth and see the impact they have on their community.