by Carson Dugger and Alyssa Starkey, Pella Christian winterim trip participants

Today was the day we all needed to relax a bit. Since we arrived on Friday, we’ve been very busy! Even on “Haitian time,” our schedules have been packed. After sleeping in a little this morning, we made the 30-second walk to the Thrive for 5 building. Thrive for 5 is a program set up by Many Hands for Haiti that feeds local children, ages zero to five, and their mothers. Today was a special day in the Thrive for 5 building, as a medical speaker informed the moms about malaria’s conditions and when to seek treatment. The children were thrilled to have a meal provided for them. Some were even so excited they couldn’t even hold their bladders! Twice on Diana and once on Abby! Putting that aside the little kids were adorable and loved the attention.

 The Pella Christian team enjoyed loving on the kids at Thrive for 5 and got to help provide meals for the children and their moms. 

When the children left with full bellies, we hit up the Savanette market, a quieter, less-overwhelming setting compared to the market in Pignon. After eating our own lunch, we had the afternoon to ourselves. We put the finishing touches on the soccer goals for Zeke and Bebe’s compound and packed a few more crafts for the Pella Christian kids. We played soccer, volleyball, and catch and all-around enjoyed ourselves.

DSCN6738The soccer goals are complete!

This evening we watched the basketball movie “Like Mike” in the Thrive for 5 building with Haitians. The movie was a little cheesy, but the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. It was adorable to see how the kids responded to it! They would clap every time a basket was scored and laughed hysterically during the funny parts. I’m glad we could bless the children in such a little way!

Also, it was my best friend’s birthday today. She turned seventeen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALISE!

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